How to create a Ticket using the Portal

As a Smartoptics Partner you have access to log in to our portal. And gain access to create tickets, download the latest software and firmware for Smartoptics portfolio. 

This guide will show how to create and update you tickets. 

When logged in, you will be presented this view. 

This is the main view of the portal. And you can always go back to this page by pressing 'Home' in the main menu. 

By pressing 'New support ticket' you will be able to create a new ticket by using the below form (/view)

It is important to enter as much information as possible to reduce the time spent on analyzing the issue. Based on your input the system will send a automated email asking for specific information

You can enter these types of requests/issues

  • Transceiver issue
    • Coding issue
    • Hardware issue
    • Recode request
    • Order issue
  • M-series issue
    • Issues with M-series
    • Software request
    • Product question
  • DCP-series issue
    • Transponder issue
    • Multiplexer issue
  • Passive platform issue
    • All issues related to the passive platform issue
  • Other 
    • All other issues not related to the topics above


APR requests can be created within the GUI! This will cause the ticket to announce to several departments in Smartoptics and it will be processed faster. 

Keep in mind that we check all APR requests before starting. If the unit does not have a valid APR service then the ticket will be placed into the ordinary ticket queue for processing. 

After you have pressed 'Submit' you will be informed with the ticket number via e-mail and brougth to a new page where you can follow up on your ticket, comment and verify the status. 

After creating a ticket you can also communicate with the support team answering the emails sent from the Smartoptics support portal

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