How to create a Ticket using email

As a Smartoptics Endcustomer (and partner) you have the possibility to create tickets by sending email to 'support @'. 

A ticket will then be created and a confirmation email will be sent back with the ticket number for future reference. 

It is important to add as much information to the email as possible

The email should contain this information

  • Transceiver issues
    • Serial numbers on all transceivers
    • Switch name
    • Switch CLI output
      • Inventory
      • Version
      • Interface status
      • Interface statistics
      • Interface diagnostics
    • Dark fiber length/loss
    • Network topology
  • M-series issue
    • Serial numbers on all m-series
    • Techlog for local and remote end
    • Dark fiber length/loss
  • DCP-series issue
    • Serial numbers
    • DCP CLI output
      • TBA
  • Passive series
    • Serial numbers
    • Dark fiber length/loss
    • Information regarding transceivers used on each end

Our engineers will ask for missing information. The more information provided the faster our investigation will go. 

APR request

APR requests should not be sent using a email. If you have an outtage situation and want to use your APR service. Please send us a email to create a ticket, and also add 'sales @'