New Services Portal Launched!

Our current portal is being phased out and will now only host the ticket system. Access the new services portal through the menu above. Note: it requires a separate account. If you haven't received your account details yet, simply use the 'Forgot Your Password?' feature with your email address to gain access. If you experience any problems, please contact to receive support.

How do I create a support ticket?

There are two ways to create a ticket with Smartoptics support;

1. Emailing Smartoptics support

2. Creating a ticket directly via Smartoptics Support Portal (This requires that you already have an existing account)

When sending an email to support [@] smartoptics . com, a ticket is automatically created. Since the ticket is created based on the email, but all ticket detail fields to classify the ticket will be empty.

Note: For TAC 24/7/365 customers which are in need of emergency support, please create the ticket using your pre-existing support account(s) to be able to classify the ticket accordingly. You may also place a call to the Smartoptics emergency hotline once a ticket has been created.

To receive feedback as quickly as possible, please ensure that the email contains as much detailed information as possible, such as:

  • Description of issue
  • Product(s) used in the solution
  • Serial numbers of the product(s)
  • Email attachments are allowed, up to 20 MB
  • For DCP systems, please provide the techlog from the affected/involved systems.
    An instruction how to capture a techlog is found in the DCP system manual.