How do I create a support ticket?

There are two ways to create a ticket with Smartoptics support;

1. Emailing Smartoptics support

2. Creating a ticket directly via Smartoptics Support Portal (This requires that you already have an existing account)

When sending an email to support [@] smartoptics . com, a ticket is automatically created. Since the ticket is created based on the email, but all ticket detail fields to classify the ticket will be empty.

Note: For TAC 24/7/365 customers which are in need of emergency support, please create the ticket using your pre-existing support account(s) to be able to classify the ticket accordingly. You may also place a call to the Smartoptics emergency hotline once a ticket has been created.

To receive feedback as quickly as possible, please ensure that the email contains as much detailed information as possible, such as:

  • Description of issue
  • Product(s) used in the solution
  • Serial numbers of the product(s)
  • Email attachments are allowed, up to 20 MB
  • For DCP systems, please provide the techlog from the affected/involved systems.
    An instruction how to capture a techlog is found in the DCP system manual.